Neal Knight

Neal Knight was born at a very young age, and was raised by his parents to gratefully eat whatever was placed in front of him. This talent proved to be a blessing in the lunchrooms of the various schools he attended, including Meridian High School—from which he graduated—and in many of the homes of generous Koreans whom he was blessed to serve as a missionary. Having returned home with honor, Brother Knight was educated (a B.B.A. at B.S.U.) to become an economist, but was fortunate to be hired by C.E.S. instead. By this time he had married the current Carole Minnie Brookhart Knight, and together they have been blessed with six brilliant children—and 4 grandchildren—who are also thankful when they get something to eat. Along the way, Brother Knight has taught at seven seminaries and two Institutes in this area, and earned a M.A. in Early Christian History from B.S.U.


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