“Capturing Christ” Through Embroidery Workshop (TBA)

Thursday: 6:00 pm - 6:50 pm

This workshop is designed to promote an artistic outlet for young people to capture functional or even simply beautiful thoughts, moments or concepts using needlework. This dual-purpose workshop (crochet & embroidery) will provide participants an opportunity to develop new talents or deepen their capacity in a talent they have already gained. These participants will be able to develop skills and produce some of the following projects: 

  1. Punch Embroidered Images – Such as lillies/temples/etc…
  2. Punch Embroidered quotes and simple sayings… 
  3. Crocheted gifts for family and friends such as Scarves and Gloves…
  4. Crocheted figures such as a stuffed Lamb

Conversion to Christ: The calm nature of these types of needlework experiences lend itself well to small group discussion! Once the skill has been taught and is being practiced. The hope is that during this time, these small groups (tables of 5 participants) will use weekly prompts to engage in a discussion together. Discussion prompts will be related to the projects they are working on and will help them consider the Savior’s life and example. 

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